What Type Of Single Are You?

People can be single for different reasons. There are seven main reasons people remain single. Take this quiz to determine your exact reason for being single right now, and how coaching can help.


Are You Codependent?

Codependency is when a person over functions in someones life, and under functions in their own, by fixing, saving and people pleasing. Take this quiz to determine if your relationship shows signs of codependency.


Do You Lack Healthy Boundaries?

Boundaries are the rules you have for yourself around how you let people treat you, behave around you, and how much they can expect from you. A lack of boundaries can result in codependent relationships, anxiety and guilt. Take the quiz to see how strong your personal boundaries are.


Relationship Readiness Quiz

Ten quick questions to help you determine your readiness to start a new relationship.


Relationship Red Flags

Your primary relationship is the most important area of your life and determines your level of happiness and fulfillment. This assessment will assist you to honestly examine your relationship and identify possible concerns. Check your potential partner off against this checklist to determine if there are any red flags that you need to address before committing to them.