Singles and Dating coaching is a range of programs and sessions that work with single people who are wanting to find a relationship that fits on every level. Soul Coaching offers face to face, online and phone coaching for anyone wishing to find love.

Soul Coaching offers a range of programs and courses specifically created to help anyone find a relationship. The programs are based on good self-knowledge, who you are, what you want, and a specific action plan to move forward with.

The two main programs we offer are:

1. Conscious Dating Readiness

2. Conscious Dating Attraction

Conscious Dating Readiness is 12-week program that teaches you to date with intention. Instead of being with someone out of lonliness or because it ‘just kind of happened’, the program takes you through every aspect of finding a relationship that works. Exploring your own dreams and goals, we firstly look at your life and where you are at, moving on to knowing your life purpose, exploring past relationship history and patterns, creating a personality profile of yourself and your ideal partner, your requirements for an amazing relationship and moving on to creating a plan to bring every aspect of our discoveries about you and your life to where you want to be.  You will be supported to become the chooser, being firm about your needs and not settling for anything less. Exercises include:

  • My Mind Map
  • My Collage
  • What I Want to Be, Do and Have
  • My Perfect Day
  • My Values and Life Purpose
  • My Vision Statement
  • My Relationship History and Patterns
  • Personality Trait Profile
  • My Relationship Requirements
  • My Needs
  • My Wants
  • Finalizing My Vison, Requirements, and Needs
  • Self Profile

Moving on from the Conscious Dating Readiness program, this program springs your dating life into action. We explore critical dating skills and create strategies for meeting people, including venue’s, online dating and friend and family referrals. You will learn how to scout, sort, screen, and test potential partners. You will discover the keys to flirting, how to make a positive first impression, introduction skills, and conversation skills. Included are recommendations for single parents, the differences between fear and love, and common dating traps. Exercises include:

  • Building Your Support Community
  • My Personal Profile/Ad
  • Relationship Skills
  • Relationship Attitudes
  • Improving Social and Dating Skills
  • My Attraction Plan
  • My Practice Plan
  • Wheel of Life

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